My adventure to Charleston

For spring break I tagged along with my mom and dad to Charleston South Carolina. It was excited however, I was very worried about how stress I was going to be at the start of the VK because I was getting home from school on Friday and we where leaving on Saturday. And on Friday we were going out to dinner for my birthday. But it all turned out well, we got to the airport on the plane I got an aisle set and took a nap, woke up just in time as they where giving out drinks!

We flew into North Carolina and had a 3 hour drive to where we were staying; we had a beach house on Folly Beach for four days. It was a full day of traveling so when we finally got to the house I was ready to just relax and be on holiday! The nice part of flying into North Carolina and not right into Charleston was I got to see my cousin,who joined us for the night.

That Sunday before taking him back to Colombia  we walked around Charleston. Just kind of wondering around getting lost in the streets, stopping at historical signs to read about the history. My favorite part of the day was how they closed down King Street, a popular shopping street and a famous street that once was straight from east cost all the way down to Georgia. We got to walk down the street, see really cool old buildings, people had dogs out, places to eat set up tables on the street, there where food trucks, also a guy sitting out of his apartment building watching. There was an old theater (it was in the notebook-I took a selfie with it).

On Monday we headed to a plantation (Boon plantation where bunch a movies where filmed including the notebook). WE got to see slave houses and learn about the history, they want us to hear. We got to see the house which was filled with things you could not touch, compared to other historical homes I toured it was not the best, but I really like the scenery, the open spaces. We went on this ‘car’ ride around the plantation and saw what still is a working farm.  It was really cool, good place to take pictures.

LAter that night we got some local food; pizza got pineapple. Dad thought I was crazy, but its so good! I really like going to places and being able to eat out, not only have food you don’t get back home (sea food), but try food you always have and see how it taste different. The town was very quite yet busy, maybe because its beginning of spring break. Folly beach was kind of this beach hipster vibe to it; stickers everywhere, cool places to eat and drink, young kids (college). It reminded me of a beach town of Berkley (san fran).

The next day we took a tour of Charleston on horse carriage- guys name was Dillion named after bob Dillion horses name was Big Dan he liked to run he did not like to walk. Charleston has the biggest horse tour carriage business in the United States; also well organized too. Before heading out on your tour you stop at a station for someone to give you a number to the specific area you can tour. WE had the ‘rich’ big houses, beach area. There was a lot of history behind a lot of houses, they where very cool, very big!Charleston was like stepping back in time, but was it for tourism?

We got to walk the beach before we left for a day of traveling again. It was a really fun VK, very worth it, I liked how there was no plan, Folly Beach was super clean, pretty, calming, the house was rustic cute. The people where super friendly and nice. Going into the city from Folly was not bad at all (prob worst in the summer though).

Best part I got to pull a notebook! 😉


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