Officially Graduated….

I have Graduated College… it has been one hell of a ride I have been streched, challenged, pulled apart physically and mentally, but I did it. I did not let my learning disablatie stop me , and any dotters out there; well you can just kiss my diploma. 🙂 

I did what a lot of people do not, finish. I choose a major that was going to be hard for me, I could have done math and succeeded with not  so much hair pulling and pillow punching but I love to write and i chose that knowing it was going to be difficult. A lot of box thinking and “go further” when all  i want to say was NO! but there were some good classes; just the last year was tough in so many ways; I’m so thankful for the adviser and lunch lady, professors who were willing to make me smile. And my dad for supporting and his wise words, sister for telling me I can AND MY MOM for all she has done these 16 years of me being in school; always getting involve helping me, supporting me, listening to me as i snap, she has stayed and supported and really helped me out a lot.  In so many ways I can never have done this without her; she truly is the best! she has been there seeing me try and struggle pushing me to get there. 



I have feared this day, I hate goodbyes I hate growing up, I avoid reality but for the first time in my life Im not scared I’ excited!

Being in college has been an experience, but like in my last post it has never been my life. I came here to get education, I made some memories, met some cool people, developed friendships. And thats college for you. But to stay in Winona would not be right; for me personally  because, I am meant for greater things. Sure, sounds selfish but aren’t you suppose to know where you belong, know your greatness? I do and if admitting it makes me sound selfish in others ears than yes I am. But I have always lived my life for me; caring for the ones that care back, never wanting to disappointing my fam fam. Being able to know that your meant for more is the greatest thing an person, young girl, young boy could ever know. 

Its a weird feeling to graduate college, its like a whole weight went off, a freeing feeling and this know what question? its like summer, but summer ends. Suddenly your in this mode of panic and you have not even reached the stage (metaphorically speaking I did not walk there felt like no point). For 16 years I was working at this point, doing whatever i had to do this last year all the requirements just to get done, I was not loving my classes, the work, I was not doing what I liked I was just doing what I needed to do; now I can write whenever i want for fun!!!

To sum up…

Now the day has come to pack up and leave. It means so much, it has a lot of impact there are so many reasons and personally reasons why this day means so much to me; sum it all up “I want to leave without holding anything back, not looking back.” Also, this day holds where I can finally say “i did it!” Now I am able to do whatever I want, which is said in my later post


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