An exciting opportunity

At the beginning that question “what you going to do with your life” was answered with sarcastic comments because I did not know what my future would be. And the idea, thinking about it, freaked me out. I wanted to avoid it all.  I’m 22 years old I don’t even tie my shoes they slip on. 

I’m an independent person and I have never done what has been except of me. I have always done things because I want to do them. And now with college done, I can do anything; finally I can do what I want, no requirements. After this year I wanna take a break from school.

So, I’m taking a year off, I will not be going to Grad school. I know I should go to Grad school, but I should want to go; I should have an idea and better understand of what I want to do with Grad school. It’s like I go to Grad school to figure that out? Isn’t that what college is for?  I know what I want now; I just rather take a break from school, be able to have experiences, live life outside the expected/education. What am I doing? Well, I do what’s right for me, that will be something that gives me happiness, allows me to grow as a person, learn new things, and be a wanderlust kid……


For a year I will be Au Pairing in Cork, Ireland for a really nice family. I will be living with them and taking care of two adorable children. I am super excited for this oppurniaty and to live outside the United States and have a whole new and different experience than a school experience. Like I said before all I have been doing is school and now I want a break. It’s a great opportunity that is perfect for me. And I couldn’t be more excited to be living in a different country experiencing a different culture and working with kids. I love kids, I’m very adventurous, I adapt easily, and I want something different (said that so many times but that’s my point).

People can have their thoughts; positive or negative – like shouldn’t she get a job, do something with her major, go to grad school, get married (you know what people usually do after college) etc. It’s something that not a lot of people do, but I have the support of my fam fam, and I’m really excited for this opportunity! 

My thoughts for others; if big girl pants with benefits, grad school, traveling through Europe, running away to Hollywood, is what you want, what fits what you want out of life. Do it! As long as you have support of the ones you care about ( I have mine of my parents and sister that I’m truly thankful for). The ones who care should want the best for you. You can work out all the pros and cons but what comes down to it should be what would make you happy? What do you want? Weigh the pros and cons, listen to that gut feeling you have- think it through. Ask would I regret it. 

Closing thoughts…. It’s everything I want to do and experience (have I said that already?) I am doing exactly what I said I would do. So I’m packing up my bags and heading onto the next adventures! I’m really excited!! 

Can’t wait to start this whole new book! (metaphor)