City Girl Guide: Road Trip to West Cork

While my mum was here for her spring break we took a road trip to the furthest southern and western point in Ireland: Mizen Head. And we stayed in this spa/hotel right on Innchadany Beach; it was too fancy for me.

It was a 3 hour drive that took me past the towns I had visited before, I was able  see parts of Ireland I hadn’t seen before. My mind was racing with excitement, my eyes were out the window staring wide eyed amazed by what I was seeing. Again I was on the edge of the world.
We got to Mizen Head right when it was opening. Mizen head is the furtherest west point of Ireland, with its amazing views of the ocean you could easily get blown away. It  was off season, which we both liked because it meant we could basically experience it without anyone around. I was able to take pictures without anyone in my way; I didn’t have to say in my head “move move move.”
Mizen Head was amazing and the people that worked there were super friendly. The main building had a gift shop and a cafe. You walked basically to the point of the light house, showing the man your ticket. The light house was a laugh, sometimes scary with the mannequins set up in each room. But it was very interesting to learn about the history and science of the area.You can read about the ship wrecks that occurred during WW1. There is this bridge you walk across called the Mizen Head bridge, it wasn’t moving thank god but you were really high up.
You not only see over this vast body of water that we call the ocean, but you get to see how Ireland was formed. The cliffs and rock formations are unbelievable. And tell your mom that you see a whale and then laugh because you really did not see anything. I liked Mizen head for it wasn’t anything I have seen of Ireland yet.
1455093_10153035114718463_5225655510478772781_nAfter we went to our hotel, in Clonakilty, which is a cute little town that I love for its elephant statues all around. We were taken to our room by the  bell boy (fancy), and we got a room with a view looking out onto the beach; we could hear the ocean. The innchadany beach is this vast, wet sand, area that takes about an hour to walk then an hour back. We did that and then went for food in the hotel bar. I asked for a chicken Caesar salad, which was a fancy chicken salad with anchovies and cheese slices to the side and the chicken on the side as well. We then went swimming which I loved; I was born to be a mermaid.14277_10153035151398463_7629803284534288298_n
It was a good start to our trip because it got me away and into places I had never been, which I needed, and gave mom the chance to get rid of her jet leg and use to the left side of the road.