City Girl Guide: Aran Island

I got to go back to one of my facorite places in Ireland, the Aran Islands. This time I went to Inis Mor (Inishmore). Luckily, for us it was not raining, so we got to do what I have always wanted to bike around. I always rather bike or walk when seeing places, because it allows you to see more. When on a tour bus, they control when you stop and windows are in the way from a really good photo opportunity.

I don’t know how to explain why I love it there, but I do. The first time I was thereI went to the smallest island with my good friends and we just wandered around. I got the first experience of a rural life and I could just see myself retiring there.

There is not many people visiting the islands during off season. There are only 290 houses on Inis Mor. It’s not a hip place to be for someone around my age; but when I am old and grey I can see myself living there, with a dog, riding a bike, and writing poetry.

I think when you travel you need to go to places like the Aran Islands, take in your surroundings, and just let yourself go free. I would love to just get lost in the maze of stone walls that are all over the island. Personally, it’s good for me to go to these places with no wifi, no shopping, and no rushing, just me and my bike. I would just take pictures and think; I would reflect and come up with  stories.

Inis Mor is the largest island of the Aran Islands; it has pubs, shops, even a Spar and restaurants for the tourists but also for the locals. We went into a coffee shop after hitting the top tourist site Dun Aonghasa.  We listened to the locals speaking Irish (Gaelic). The people there are super friendly, as well. While at the Dun Aonghasa the “bouncer” took me to a place within the fort that was a great place for photos. It was not something I would have known about if he hadn’t shown me the place. It has views of the edge of Ireland that were something you had to see to believe. Nature is something beautiful that we do need to appreciate more. The history of the place, went back too far for me, to really be interested in but it was cool to hear how the people who were there were very smart; building walls and placing rocks so that no one would come in.
The best part of being on the island is that you can sit right on the edge (like the Cliffs of Mohr) and you can look out over the ocean and just breath!

Side note if you want to see more of my pictures of my trip check out my flickr.