City Girl Guide: Galway

We stayed in Galway, but I did not get to see much of the city because when we got there it was dinner time, and the next day we spent the whole day on the Aran Islands. Our last morning there was just weather drama that we left. But from what I saw and experienced being there I’ve come up with a few points about Galway.

  • Nightlife: it has a moving nightlife; not only for young people, but it has a variety of places to eat. We ate at this restaurant called The Quay Street Kitchen that not only was the food yummy, but the service was super friendly. 5 stars.
  • Hipster city: Galway reminded me a lot of San Francisco because it had a lot of young people around; it had a hipster feel to it. 
  • A bit dirty: There was a lot of graffiti everywhere. 
  • Busy but low key: There were people everywhere, but it did not feel like a city, compared to Limerick, Dublin or Cork. Everyone seemed not to be rushing; they even stopped to talk to people they knew. There’s not a lot of rush in the city center (which doesn’t even feel like a city center). 
  • An excellent place to stay: I heard someone say that they use Galway as their destination spot to visit but travel away to go to all the tourist spots. It’s close to most of the major attractions of Ireland, so it makes sense to stay in Galway. And when back from your day trip enjoy the nightlife (if you’re awake).


I want to go back and see more of Galway and experience the nightlife. I would like to enjoy what a lot of Irish say is a beautiful place in the summer. I have always wanted to go to Galway, and I did, which made me happy.