I climbed a Moutain

After my mom left I had time off to visit my friend who lives outside Galway in a village called Letterfrack. Near the village there is a Mountain called Diamond Hill. And we decided to climb it.

Now I may workout every day (sometimes twice a day) but I really am the laziest person on earth, ask my dad. So when they said climb I warned them that I would be the last person to the top; I would take my sweet time, and I would be complaining because it’s what I do. First, the Diamond hill tricks you because there is a flat side that you walk along for about 10 minutes and then there’s stairs that you climb. But, then the stairs turn into rocks, and as you go up it gets steep and complicated to climb.  It took forever but the views were worth it!

I said once how Ireland has every landscape minus a desert, and on top you get to see it all, the forest, the beaches, the green fields, and the rolling hills; it was all visible from the top of that mountain.

Being able to climb Diamond not only was like a pat on my back “i did it.” I was impressed about the views I got to see. Being up there looking out to this open wide world. It reminded me of the reasons why I love Ireland, for why I live for traveling not to just see  these places but to experience them, first hand. Which I am.  I got to go out into Letterfrack, which is very different from going on in Kinsale. And got to meet new lads. It was good craic, and had the bants. It was a good weekend being able to see a different area of Ireland but I enjoyed see my friend who I haven’t seen in 2.5 years! Which is amazing and super lucky how we still can be friends even being in total different areas, time zones etc. Life of a wanderlust kid. This blog post was to just show you the pictures and tell you I climbed a Mountain. Want to see more of my pictures check out Flickr (link at right hand corner)