Au Pair: Life’s tough

While working as an au pair I have seen that no matter what your age life can be tough. We may forget this when we get older and wish to be kids again to avoid life’s tough situations (well I do). I decided to make another list of things that have come to my mind. I’ve paralleled them to the tough situations you may face when you are no longer a kid.
   Faced with failure: It’s hard when you are good at something and then are challenged by something new. When you are younger you are just starting to learn things, and things become easier but then you have to learn something new and its frustrating when you don’t get it. Even when you are older you could be really good at school and then suddenly at work you are not getting the A’s. It’s a reality check we keep getting at any age.
   Not getting what you want: It is a huge disappointment when you hear the word no or you don’t get what you thought you were going to get. No matter your age, when this happens you cannot help but be disappointed.
   Frustration: In any situation where you might have to struggle to do something you will get frustrated; you may choose to ‘give up’ and say ‘I’m not…’ or get really angry and go ERGGG (that’s mine). It happens and it’s okay.
Even though we experience life’s tough situations we do learn from them no matter our age.
While here I have seen Little One and Big Guy tackle many new things even though sometimes it’s hard.
They have learned how to handle them and know they just have to keep trying, like learning how to move their
legs so they can go higher on a swing.
We didn’t know it when we were young, but all those tough things we did were preparing us for when we are
faced with failure, disappointment, and frustration as adults. We know how to deal with what life throws at us
and know we are tough enough to handle them.