City Girl Guide: A weekend in Galway

This time when I visited Galway I met one of my study abroad friends who is student teaching in Mayo. We stayed two nights in Sleepzone hostel.


We chose Galway because it was midway for us to travel; we both were on a bus all afternoon until evening;  I did not bring enough food for the journey and I learned I should get an on-the-go charger for my phone. 
Our first night we decided to go out so I could experience the night life of Galway. First we had dinner, where we got hit on by older men. Then we went to some bars; there were so many stag and hen parties in the bars. It was good night. We just made fun of the whole thing because it’s the only thing we could do because we weren’t drinking and were surrounded by so many celebrating parties.

The next day we woke up early and walked around Galway;  you can get through it pretty fast. It’s easy to walk by something and not realize you had done it; I walked past the Spanish Arch and didn’t even realize I went under it. That’s the reason I’m not sure if I like Galway; there is not much to do during the day except shop and if it is not raining enjoy the nice weather, get something to eat at a cafe and once it hits noon it’ll “be a grand day for a pint.”

Everyone has said Galway is good craic, but since I love to explore a city during the day I would love if there was more to see and do in Galway than just shop. For tourist it’s a good central location to stay and then explore the sites nearby. And of course at night, the restaurants are open until 10 (at least) and the bars are always full.  Don’t get me wrong its a good place, with amazing views in it and outside of it, I could see myself going again. 


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