City Girl Guide: Nuremberg and Munich

My Dad and I went to four cities, including two in Germany.

Probably the least favorite of the cities, because there really is not much to see in the city. Our first day, we went into the old town and it was PACKED you could hardly move through the streets. There was an outdoor market; it seemed that people were selling things they just found in their houses. But it was a cool city to see, very easy to walk around. And the history was there even though it was a city that had to be rebuilt from ground up. This was a city that we spent only two days in; one really full day. We didn’t get to see much like I didn’t get to see anything really Word War II related which is something I would love to see. Overall, I did find Nuremberg very interesting. And the buildings felt like I was in sleeping beauty or something. 


We started and ended our trip here. The first place we stayed was near the palace, in a quaint little neighborhoods that we both really liked. There were a few low-key restaurants and a cafe where people just sat outside enjoying the day. It did not feel touristy; it did not feel like a city. It felt relaxed. The Palace was AMAZING with this large garden that locals would walk there dogs in or go for a run. Far away from everything else but close to one of the more famous beer gardens which we went to. AND couldn’t believe the size of pretzels. Now every pretzel is pointless after that one. When we returned to Munich we stayed in the city centor right by the train station. More hustle and bustle, more action, variety of different people and a lot more dirt. But closer to walk to a lot more of Munich. Love the beer gardens in Munich, you really can’t get anything like these anywhere else. I highly recommend it because the food is low key and the beer is large. it is an experience. 

 I wasn’t overly impressed with Munich. Maybe it would be different if we went on a walking tour of the different parts of the city, or went to a few more museums, but we were short on time. We did do touristy things, like waiting for the clock show in Munich square, which was very long and not that impressive. We were standing among all the other tourists staring up with there selfie sticks. I feel like when I go on trips to places my experience is short and thus I hurry through. I don’t take my time like I do in Ireland. Where I’m seeing and experiencing every inch of. 


 All in all ….

There are some cities you go to and decide there is nothing too special to see, they are just places. Dad says it well, “I saw it and I do not need to see it again.” If I ever have an opportunity to go back I’ll visit the small towns; I would go down a side street, I would want to see more. I saw it but I need to see more of it.  That’s the difference between me and my dad.  Besides the food the beer was good.