City Girl Guide: Prague

Prague was probably my favorite place except for the food. 

We started our trip to Prague with a 5-hour train ride in what looked like a Harry Potter train. Our seats were in a private compartment. And there was no wifi, so we were forced to have a conversation.  I LOVED IT!

After getting there, we headed to our hotel, Hotel 16. It was the nicest of the hotels we stayed in during our daddy-daughter adventure. We had two beds, with a fairly large bathroom, and a little sitting room that we would always just end our nights in, tired from all the walking we did. The downside to the hotel was that it was away from a lot of things.  Our last night I realized that we kept taking the most uphill way to and from the hotel from the main area of Prague; I wish had noticed sooner just so we didn’t need to climb so many hills.
The main tourist area was Old Town and the Old Town city center. That’s where all the main historical buildings were, and all the tourist shops. The shops were selling the same sweatshirt, “Prague drinking buddies.”  I liked Old Town; it was very photogenic. It was a little crowded for me, but you got to see a lot and people watch as well. There was a hockey tournament going on, so we also got to see many hockey fans.

The Charles Bridge was also a busy area in Prague; there were people selling things and playing music. It was almost like walking the piers in Florida. The one thing you should not miss is going up the tower of Charles Bridge; you get terrific 360-degree views of the city, the river, and the bridge. You do have to pay, but I think it’s worth the view.

My and my dad’s favorite place was across the bridge; it was much quieter than Old Town. The palace was in that area, and it was very cool to see. It was another tourist spot, but there were fewer people around. When we went there, something special was happening because many people were dressed up in old 17th century fighting uniforms; people from America were there, too.  The park that we walked through to get to the palace was beautiful and had some great views. It was quiet which allowed us to just take our time, talk, and enjoy the beautiful sunny day.

We were in Prague for only one and a half days. We did a lot and walked the whole city, drank some good beer, and finally found some excellent food. For a place that is the TOP tourist destination, my dad was hoping for more, where I enjoyed it. It is one of my top places to visit.