City Girl Guide: Few hours in Austria

Go to the train station, buy a ticket and we were off to Austria. Public transportation and Europe you can do that so easily. 

We were only in Strasbourg, Austria for a few hours, which for me was fine because I love taking day trips and seeing a place for a day. You have a limited amount of time, so it forces you to see things that you never would see, do things you wouldn’t do because you may never have a chance to do it again.

Austria was one of my favorite places we visited on our daughter daddy adventure. Why? It was a little city, with barely any hustle, with a view that you had to see for yourself.

Dad wanted to go because he wanted to see the Alps and we couldn’t see them while in Munich. It was too foggy and the buildings were too tall so you couldn’t see them. But when we were in Sulsberg, Austria they were right there.It was a nice warm day, everyone was out and about, the locals were biking, sitting on the grass enjoying the nice weather on their lunch break. There were a bunch of tours walking around, we managed to get in one, which was quite funny since I kept saying how we could hold up an umbrella and see if people started to follow us. And we were doing just that. 

After walking around the city streets, and seeing the major areas, Mozart home; we walked around the city, and took a chance to walk up to the castle that sat right on the hill. 

Fun fact: my cap on my camera fell off and I had to chase it down the hill in front of a lot of none English speaking people older than my dad. 

When we finally got to the top of the castle, we payed to go in just to get the view of the alps, and 8 euro was worth the view.  I have never seen moutons like these before, it was like being by the ocean, looking at them realizing that there is more out there. I mean, I won’t go and climb it but to see them is now checked off my bucket list.We ended our time with food. We had Asian food for lunch, both me and dad were sick of the heavy food. The food was very good, I had soup which was dumb for a warm day, if you ask me.  On our way back to the train, we stopped for ice cream, which was a much better idea.  The whole city of Strasbourg was cute like you were in some Disney Princess movie. I loved the buildings, the walk along the river seeing the hills in the distance. It was a warm day sunny day, something you hardly ever get in Ireland. 


It was a great day in Austria, and I would go back since there is more to see.