Outside of Dublin: Two top places you need to see.

We took a tour out of Dublin that took us to Newgrange and Hill of Tara. Where we got to learn about history and see some killer views of Ireland. I agree with my sister how we never learn about Irish history, we really do not know anything. So ,it’s really good that when we come here we do learn. It is a learning experience for all. And I recommend going to both of these places;


NewGrange: it is this old ruin on a mound outside of Dublin, founded by a farmer who was lucky and dug right in the entry way not having anything that was inside damaged. It is essentially a temple for the summer solstice, built to bring in the light as the sun moves through the sky. It was really cool, very cold, and very tight. Unless your small like me, you will move fairly fast through it. The guide was like “you brought through there quickly.” It was very cool to see, hear the story, the different kinds of rocks. If you like old, caveman history, and a nice view go; but go to the information center first, get there early because there are restrictions.
Hill of Tara: I am going to be honest, I did not listen to the lady when she was telling us the history or why things were on this hill EXCEPT that you could see the men coming to attack so it was a watch place. Why wasn’t I listening, well, I got distracted naturally by the views and wanted to take it all in. 360 degrees of Ireland see for miles (because in Ireland even if you are on the ground there is no end to the horizon).

The tour was great, the places where two olaces i never been or even new about so it was nice to go. something should do because someday it might not be open to the public.