Secret Beach off the Ring of Kerry

I went on the ring of kerry, this time my mom drove which means we could scream STOP anytime on the road trip. The one stop we took was down onto this beach, Rossbeigh Beach, near Glenbeigh.

I love beaches. I haven’t said that enough. There is something about them that relaxes me, the smell of the sea, salt in my hair, the open view, and the vast ocean of echoing waves crashing against the shoreline that puts me in a trance. And I don’t mean for this to sound so deep.

Kerry gives you much more than the living on the edge feeling.  The ocean, mountains in the distance, and unknown roads that take you to places you have to see to understand all combine to make Kerry a place to feel free. 

On this drive around the Ring, I zoned out the window and looked at this world that was in a  place that I knew and discovered something brand new. 

It was important to have a moment in a place without wifi and not to feel hassled by crowds; to get away from the list of things you have to do, away from life itself and just feel the calmness of the nature that surrounds you. 

The last time I was on the Ring it was in the fall. I still was trying to get in a routine as an Au Pair; I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my free time. Being on a bus, a little hung over and exhausted because hostile beds are not very comfortable and I had been woken by a drunk non-English speaking man (coed rooms!) at 2 am just made everything overwhelming. Plus, I never got out of the bus unless it was their designated stop, and for someone who is spontaneous, it wasn’t working. 

So, I suggest if you ever get the chance to take the adventure of the Ring of Kerry, drive, look out the window and say stop when you see a view that entices you to see more. Take the road that is off the main to discover where it takes you; drive through the fog and experience the true Irish roads.