True Irish experience


When you think of Ireland you think dirt roads, rural life, hills, green, and sheep. I would see all these post cards of sheep on the road and would wonder “WHERE is this?” I haven’t seen this, that is until I made my way up to Galway, into the Connemara. There are no wire fencing to keep the sheep off the road, and the roads are very small. You can’t avoid the small roads. My mom would say “don’t take me on any yellow roads,” and my sister answered, “you can only go on yellow!”

Driving was very difficult, and we did get lost; I fell asleep, so I can’t go into much detail, but my mom was proud, as she should be, that she did it.
Most of this road trip adventure we did not have any specific destination except for this beautiful Abby, which is very cool and has a very unique history to it; Kylemore.  After touring the Abbey we stopped off at a beach that was near by, then drove a long to find a small little village we had been told had great restaurants for dinner, and then drove back to Galway.


I like the area outside of Galway, it’s all Ireland in one place, green, sheep, dirt roads, rocky grounds, and sometimes not so rocky grounds. It’s an interesting landscape that you wouldn’t see anywhere else in Ireland. I said in my post about Galway it’s the perfect spot to get to the main tourist attractions. I enjoy the area outside of the city limits of Galway more than in city; but, I’m such a adventurous, let’s go somewhere, stop and hang out with sheep okay! kind of girl.


If it’s your first time in Ireland go to Galway, drive through the Connemara, stop at the tour books places, and come back and listen to some good Irish music, and if you’re 20 something enjoy the American bar and the clubs; it is all very good craic! You will see places you went dream to see and make memories that will last a life time.

Galway was good got better each time up, and I will miss it.