I ran for Queen of Ballinspittle


Summer is here, which brings summer festivals, even in Ireland. This week and weekend there is the Ballinspittle festival, with different activities throughout the week, and a major event on the weekend. The opening day is the Queen festival; 14 girls put on prom dresses, had their hair all done up, and were represented by local businesses. They get up on stage and talk about themselves, the business and do a talent (party piece is what they call it). And I was in it!
I know. T-shirt, messy hair, biting her nails, fidgety me was in it. 

I represnted Sam’s Pub, a newer pub in Kinsale, but the people live right around the corner from me; up the beach basically. It is a nice little pub, cozy and friendly, with a lovely beer garden in the back. I say if you want to get away from the tourist experience and just want to sit, socialize with drinks and do what the Irish do, this pub is for you, especially if you are staying in Kinsale.

The festival was quite interesting. I was not thinking about it up until Sunday, the day of the festival; then I was nervous. I kept telling myself okay don’t fall, speak clearly, talk SLOW, and for everyone’s sake do not fix your bra on stage! OR say something sarastic or worse swear.
I got to borrow my friend’s dress, which was lovely. I got my hair done in Ena’s (the local hairdresser in Ballinspittle), my friends came over and helped me with my tan and practice. They made me walk up and down the hall way (HEAD UP, SMILE, STOP FIDGETING), and helped me with what I should say. For Instance, why did you come here, getting lost is not the right answer! 
Once I got to the festival I was nervous. But I was in the 2nd half so I had to sit for awhile, it got boring, to be honest, sitting back there waiting. And since I was  nervous, the sarcasm was ready to come out. But as I waited back stage and watched the girl a head of me  (SPOILER she won it) I was like this is easy! So, I just went up there and did what I did best TALK.
I was asked the right questions and I kept going. She asked me what had I seen, I said the Zoo and I was on it, talking about my love for elephants, and how I could be an otter. Everyone was laughing. I even had a young girl come up to me after saying how she liked otters too and how I am really funny and that she liked me! (MY HEART) A women stopped me as I got into my car saying she was a fan, and there were boys yelling a bunch of positive things. 
The owners of Sam’s came up and thanked me for doing it, their son was so sweet and lovely as he thanked me as well.
Even if this is something I never thought I would do, I am so glad I did it, because honestly it was fun getting dressed up, being on stage, having the laughs, and being able to have people say nice things. It’s very rewarding. 
After I did go to Hurleys the local pub and I got to sit with a few of the lads; and it hit me how much I LOVE small villages. You can walk in and see people and just sit and chat, have the laughs; that is what Ireland is all about.
I am looking forward to the festval this coming week, and the things I will see, the experences I will have, and the pictures I will take.
This is something I wanted to experience while here, and I am so happy that I can. You never know when you will have some kind of impact on others, like that little girl and her love for otters too.


Happy days.


P.S I never know what to say when people come up to me, but it really is a lovely community that I have became apart of.