Leaving was always easy when there was nothing there…

Leaving can be hard to understand, how you feel about it. I have left many things and each time I think about it (overthink it because that is what I do). But, when leaving some where that has had a great impact on you, changed you, where you have developed relationships and you have become attached (only word I can think of), it is not easy.Azar NafisiquoteThe reason being is that I am not good with goodbyes. I know I am not, I know I distance myself, act out, push away. I see it and I hate it; but it happens. There is probably some psychological reason why I do it, but I just don’t know what to do when I actually have to say goodbye. I rather say see you soon. Its hard to leave something when there is something there.

But leaving when there is nothing that’s when leaving is easy. There are quotes all over pinterest and you can find more online that tell you ‘no good reason to stay is a good reason to go’ (basically). However, my favourite quote is  “it is so hard to leave until you leave, and then it’s done then it’s the easiest goddamn thing in the world” (John Green).

What that means is leaving is always hard but it is the easiest most ‘freeing’ thing you can do for yourself. Leaving allows me to grow, to not stay still. “Don’t be someone that searches, finds, and then runs away.” Paulo Coelho.  

Leaving is hard, but you just got to go and see where life takes you.