Wanderlust: what does it mean.

Wanderlust takes us many places, sometimes we do not know the places it will take us. Wanderlust is defined as a desire to travel

We might show our desire to travel through a map or a list of places you want to see. But the word itself is not about how many pins you have on your map. It’s much more than that; wanderlust is the desire to seek out the unexplainable, the un-normal, to do what is off the path, to do what you desire.  Because it’s not about doing nothing, it’s about doing everything.  Here is what I mean by everything. Doing what you love and going after it; simple right? Well, that means you have a lot to do, before even getting were you want. It would be so easy to do nothing, to sit on your butt and watch Gilmore girls all day, but those summers are gone.

For me, the word wanderlust was never about back packing, sleeping on a bench, not showering, or even breaking the bank. It was a word that put in perspective who I am and what I wanted to do. I was always climbing trees, jumping waves in the ocean; I was never sitting and watching. “The world” is a place I am willing to take on. 
Now that I’m going back to school I’m taking on a whole new “wanderlust” road.  Because I have passion to do what I am going to school for, I have desire to learn more and to grow. To take myself further on into the world I desire to live in. 
Wanderlust is a word that can mean so many different things to many people, but its not only about the desire to travel, its the desire to do everything you ever want to do, and going after it. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing like traveling. But there’s nothing like doing something that you love and enjoy. I’m a wanderlust kid desiring everything that lies a head. 

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