Going back to school (Part 1.5): Things I noticed.

First day of school, there were a lot of people, a lot of things handed and said to me. That I just stayed in my little world (of course I made sure to talk to people) but with so many people around I felt better to just listen to my music and observe. This is what I noticed….

  • People are all wearing the same shoes
  • People come in groups 
  • People like to hang right outside the library and smoke.
  • You can’t walk on the grass
  • Printing is a complicated services 
  • I can get around in 3 mints (feels faster but let’s just say that) 
  • Buildings are a maze 
  • There are coffee shops in ever building EXCEPt the library 
  • The library is massive
  • Names are hard to say 
  • They have bouncers outside the campus pub
  • There is a campus pub
  • Mostly boys in jogging pants are in there
  • Theres not many places to just sit 
  • Everything is all over the place 
  • There’s actually classrooms in the castle building 
  • I feel like I could be in undergrad
  • When a building is made out of stone it will be cold
  • Creative writing does it own thing
  • It’s simple once someone tells you and you know
  • The gates are closed around 7
  • The boys here have really good arse 
  • People don’t realise I’m American 
  • I really like it. 
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