Going back to school (Part 2): things are slowly happening…..

On Monday, was the first day of graduate school. I got to go to things for the English department, met the people in my class, and had one-on-one time as well. Basically, I finally got to know what was happening; which is all I ever want and need. Because once I know, I know!
The hard part about this week is that it is the first week, introductions, profs are telling you things, giving you intro assignments. But there isn’t much you can do, really especially when your first class is at 5:30 pm.  So today there really was nothing much to do. And it was hard because when you’re ready to go, you get anxious, you try to fill up your time with nothing on your to do list to do, and you become, lack of a better word, bored. This could be mistaken for stress.
 I am the kind of person who hates wasting her time, I’m a doer, which can put off some people. But, I’m an active person; I put the energy bunny to shame.
When you’re starting something new, especially graduate school it is different because you are not that 18 year old kid coming into college, with all those activities to meet people, and parties, and slack time; because classes aren’t that serious at the moment (note they really are and you should always put time and effort into school work because it will pay off in the end). But, I’m saying I’m not where I was at that age; I’ve grown up, there are different expectations, priorities to be met, I have to cook and let me tell you I’m trying!
It’s not a bad thing to have to get use to a new phase of your life. Being in graduate school or working you have to find other ways of getting yourself out there, spending your time; I had to do that when I was starting my Au Pair job as well.

I’m in a new location, I am still getting  to know things, still settling in; I will get there. Only problem is I am so EAGER to experience everything! I’m just not good at that whole waiting thing…I have been waiting for 4 months, and since I am so excited having to wait is frustrating.

If you are like me, feeling “I’m so past this” and are eager to get started on something new in your life, or have things to do that you love, here’s my tip – do things in the mean time by yourself or with people. Most importantly walk around, because soon you won’t have time to walk around. Enjoy the slow life while it lasts.
That being said I finally, after all this waiting around and trying to figure out what to do, I went to my first class today. We took notes, we talked, we did a workshop/activity/prop, that is turning into an assignment, and she told us what to read. I wrote my notes on things that I always wanted to take notes on- okay now I sound so weird!  Even weirder I can finally go get school supplies and organise myself! I love these things! Yet, I do know it will take time and effort to get back into school, reading, and writing all those essays.
Things are slowly happening, and as more things begin to happen the more excited I get!






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More blogs to come, have something different, yet exciting for Friday!