Short little update from graduate school

In graduate school, we are now our own when it comes to mingling and meeting people. It’s awkward, it’s donating and its hard, for so many reasons lets through them out there. Money. Going out by yourself could lead to you standing on your own in a corner feeling awkward. You feel like your entraining or annoying.

I think you come to an age which for me happens to be 23 that you aren’t really afraid you just have to get the nerves to do it, your kind of well fuck it I don’t really know anyone here and I need to meet people. That is important to meet people, so you  do it, with none of those things mention earlier because you’re taking a chance and who cares because it ant high school anymore.

And then on a whole different note at 23, you realise what you deserve. What you don’t want, what you don’t have time for. Those dreams of sitting in the park writing, or have lunch with someone on every Tuesday is possible.

I see movies where people go out to coffee shops or walk around a market with their friends, or just friends chatting away nothing major, nothing gossip, just talking. Not hey how are ya, what’s going on, where you from, etc. Just conversation, company. That’s what I want at 23, and sometimes it feels like that is too much to ask for.

And I could through in all those quotes we see about worth, realisation, deserve, wants, don’t want etc. But I mean we get it. We are growing and realising that what we use to do, use to take, etc is not what we want, and it’s hard to change that. but we are growing into adults (scary right!) and we want to go to markets with friends, we want to meet up at coffee shops/ libraries/ places on campus, meet up with classmates who are will to help what’s happening in class. We want to have guy friends, we want to go on dates, we want to not be afraid to just be yourself with anyone.

I am growing, and the image I have in my head is just an idea I had for a long time but I kind of like it sitting in the park writing- and I’m making that happen.

I don’t really know if there was a point or theme about this post. But don’t forget to comment and follow 🙂