Nothing like a Rugby game!

The rugby nationals are happening (Rugby world cup to be exact) and the other day Ireland was playing Canada. I was meeting up with one of my friends back in the village at the local pub (not as local as Hurley’s) to watch the match, and I have not seen anything like this.
The pub was filled with locals and tourists, who were there to watch and experience (I think) what I wanted to experience, the Irish pride of supporting their team. Every screen had the match on, and everyone was sitting watching it; all eyes were on the screen, watching it and getting into the game. It was almost like you were at the game.
Fun fact about professional rugby, the players’ salary is not known to the public. 
I know rugby isn’t a GAA sport, but I have noticed that the people of Ireland do not watch/love games that aren’t about the game. The players are passionate, they keep going, they get into the game and you can see it,  just as you can see it in the eyes of the ones watching. This is not saying anything about any other sport, but the last baseball game I saw was boring; it was a pitcher’s dual so it went faster, but there was no action. I am beginning to realize I like action; maybe that’s why I like going to hockey games and get excited when there are fights! 


I always said there is nothing like going to the game, there is something about being there. I could never just sit and watch a game. This time, I could because it felt like I was there. There is nothing like watching a game, something local like rugby, hurling, or Gaelic football; because there is something about the Ireland’s passion for the game.  I recommend if you ever come to Ireland make sure you go to a local pub to watch a match if there is one playing and you too will see what I’m talking about.
Here’s one of those Menes: