Friendship in your 20s

Friends come and go especially when you are in your 20s, and your life is changing. Now, this post is not about anyone, or anything that is personally happening; I’m not calling someone out or people. This is something I realise and ponder trying to understand how friendship, life, and moving on all work together.

Throughout elementary and middle  school, I had a many group of friends who I’d be hanging out with, invited to birthday parties, and mingle with in school. And something personal that I will say quickly, they really weren’t my friends they isolated me out on a lot of things. Only two or one who did not but then they moved. It wasn’t until my 2nd year in high school when I became really good friends with a group of people. But when college  came,  our friendships moved on.  There were three, who are under the friend category all the way until now (still are).

In high school, it is easy to be friends with a lot of people because their people you see every single day, in the halls, in after school activities, in classrooms, etc. When we move away to college, we hardly talk, you hardly see each them and it is not until summer that you see each other, and it isn’t until the 3rd summer of college life that you being to see fewer people.

How could someone you knew so well become someone you do not even know what’s happening in their life? 

For someone who for the past three years has been wandering around and now has lived abroad for the past year, and has cut back on how long she stays back in Minnesota making it harder to see people; being there physically was always something I could never do. But, I would be there if someone needed me like I say “care for the ones that care back”.  There are all these ways to keep in contact to socialise however there is nothing like actually hanging out or talking to each other. I personally can’t just ‘snap’ people and feel like we are friends.

They say in your 20s you become selfish. Suddenly you are in the real world and you want to do and don’t know what you want to do but you have to do it! At the same time you want to have those long lasting friendships, you want those people in your life that get you, who will text you, who will want you around, who will tell you things you do not have to ask. Friendship is something we all need, it makes us feel good, makes us feel like we have people we can count on.

Personally,  I have the pleasure to say that I have many friends, people I have stories with, people whom I will adore my whole life because I will look back and remember the times we shared. And of course, there are people I will look back and think how unreal it really was. But I have a couple that I talk to, know exactly what is happening in my/their life some are even miles away that’s what called friendship.

Being 20 something you do not really have time for the unimportant things, you become so wrapped up in whats happening and trying to do whats best for you and not wanting to let anyone down; that you do lose, miss out on the friends and the activities you use to do. And you just want people to care just as much as you do. But one thing is for sure, you have those friends that get you, understand you, those ones are consent and never become strangers, even the ones that you hardly ever see.