Style: shopping bag trend.

I want to write about things I enjoy, one thing being style, more reasonable street style. I haven’t written about it before, so this is my first go of it…read on if you’d want to hear about the trend of college that is shopping bags.
The shopping bag trend
There are a lot of people walking around campus not with backpacks, or bags, but with shopping bags. I have never gone to a college that was right near the city center, right near all the stores. But it feels like the one thing you need to have when going to class isn’t the cool pencil case, or the new shoes, but the shopping bag.
I’ve been saying, every time I see one, that I forgot mine. And I bite my tongue, wanting to ask, I love your bag where did you get it. 
Like I said, I enjoy shopping, when I can. In the US the culture and society is influenced by shopping and advertising (basically, we are influenced by what we are supposed to look like). I never thought it would be such a big thing here, as well. I feel like when I go to class here I have to put an effort to look good; I feel I have to be presentable. Not only that but have a shopping bag, too.
I think being presentable is part of the Irish culture.  I do like that when I do “dress up” no one asks me why. The downside is that I feel underdressed if I wear my sweatshirt. That won’t stop me from wearing whatever is on my floor; because that’s me. 
So, this trend of carrying around shopping bags, I wonder if it’s because “oh I had time to spare” or the students were trying to get the next thing before all their friends. I don’t know what it is, I have just seen a lot of shopping bags that make me think of all these possibilities and wondering what could they be buying.
I plan on carrying a shopping bag around, and I can be part of this new trend, but I’ll be putting my lunch in my bag.
Writing about style
I know this is a different kind of post, more of an opinion piece of fashion, but I thought it could be an easy way to dip myself into writing about clothes/style. I want to write more, and don’t want to categorize or limit myself on only a few things. 
I think clothes, fashion is a way of not only expressing one’s self but by observing what is being worn will let you understand the culture of a country. Think about what you will learn if you go to, say Africa? 
I’m not writing anything negative, this is all an observation, curiosity, and experiencing what is around me. I don’t see shopping bags or looking presentable as anything bad; I find it nice and love to see what people are wearing and how they are expressing themselves.