Going Places….

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Ever since high school, if something does not go my way or someone tells me I cannot do something or sees less in me, I tell myself that I am going places. I set my mind on the idea that at the end of the day they will be watching me take on any challenge.
I think it’s important, in those situations when it is hard for you to succeed, to try. I have more respect for people who try, who are determined to not let anything hold them back. Do not fall into what you think you have to do or to just settle; do not think this is as good as it’s going to get and you’ll  have to make the best of it. If you want something then you have the will and the power to make that happen; it is all in yourself.
This goes for anything.
UCC, the graduate school I am attending, was named University of the year. Even more impressive, it is the 3rd consecutive year they received this recognition! Now, when I was applying to undergrad, my dad told me I should apply to Harvard, for fun, no pressure. But I was thinking to myself, I don’t have the grades or what they are looking for; they would expect so much; what do I have to offer them. It is like when you apply to a job and they are looking for someone who has experience and you tell yourself, apply anyway because you have other experiences besides the ones asked for that will let you do that job.
I never applied to Harvard, which is fine. For me, getting into UCC is like getting into Harvard. UCC is a good school. Plus, there is more to UCC than prestige. It has a great atmosphere for learning, There is so much more than the courses it offers; there are a variety of clubs and activities to participate in, and opportunities for students to network. I have seen many advertisements for student-run magazines and journals that I am reading and want to participate in.
Sometimes it can be daunting to try something new because you feel what do I have to offer. But if you try, then you can say you did not give up. If you just settle then you are not trying. The one thing that pushes me are the looks I got from the people who thought I would not go places, it made me determined to show them, the world, and myself that if I try I can be successful.

And I am telling you this because I do not want you to feel like you can’t or to feel this is as good as it’s going to get. I want my little cousins, little one, big one, friends, strangers, 20 something’s who are still trying to figure things out to understand that they can try anything. And if you are happy, have no complaints, and are trying. That shows you are going places.
I’m self-impressed with myself being able to attend UCC, because of the struggles I have had in learning and the so many looks, and fails I have had over the years. Also, feeling a little pressured but that only pushes me more.  I am going places….
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