Style: eyebrow game

I have my dad’s eyebrows; genetics; got to love them! When I was little they were thick, no shape to them at all. I was so unconfident with them my mom let me get them waxed, but I also plucked them to death. (Never do that; you will regret it and you will look worse!)
In the last few months, I have learned how to control my thick eyebrows. I am not someone who is a beauty expert, I have watched a lot of youtube videos. I always felt like the woman in the videos had better technique than I did because my eyebrows never looked as smooth as theirs. But, I have come up with a way to do my eyebrows and have even been complimented, so I thought I would help the little girl I once was by sharing my tips.


Tips to the eyebrow game


   Brush them out: I think it is very helpful to brush out your eyebrows before and during, and after you shape them with whatever product you want to use. I always brush mine upwards and towards the way I want them to form (look like). So what does that mean? I brush the thicker part (inner area) up and out where I want them to go, and then the tail (is that what it’s called?) just through until the eye brow looks right. I do this many times as I apply my makeup and during. Sometimes after if they still look off.

   Bottom is key: When dealing with your eyebrows either when shaping them using a pencil or plucking them always go from the bottom. Also, when shaping them with a product or a pencil I start from the bottom (middle not that far from the thicker part) and work out. Is there a reason behind this? From all the videos I have watched and what works for me this has been key. Try it, maybe it will work for you.
   Pencil vs paste: I decided to try Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow; it really seems more like a paste/gel. But I only use it on special occasions or when I feel like going all out. I usually use a pencil, it’s quicker and easier. I use a pencil that has a com, at the other end.
   Highlight: To highlight my brow I use the pure white from the Soap and Glory eyeshadow palate and go under my brow and do the crease of my lid. Sometimes I apply it at the tip and end; even above the tail (again right word?). I find this helps outline my eyebrow and gives it more depth.
   Sculpting: There is a product that is mascara for your eyebrow; it just keeps everything in place. I have clear and a light blonde color. How dark my eyebrows will become depends on which one I use. I do this last when sculpting my eyebrows.

I am not an expert, but these are the things that help me manage my thick eyebrows and maybe girls who don’t know how to take care of their eyebrows will learn from this.
I am not telling you to wear makeup, especially young girls.  I recommend not rushing into wearing makeup; trust me, it won’t change anything. When you get older you will enjoy who you are and maybe wearing makeup will become fun.