Love letter to my sunglasses

I have had these sunglasses for about 10 years sitting on my head even in the rain and they broke this past weekend. I was very sad. There an object, you should not feel sad about an object, but there was something about these sunglasses that was more then keeping my eyes safe from the sun, keeping my hair out of my eyes or making me look cool. So here is an RIP love letter to my sunglasses…..

I was never bothered by the crack in the left lens because it made you unique and rememberable, even a guy on campus was like “I remember you crack in the sunglasses.” You made my vision much more clear, I was seeing a different shade of pink when I looked at the sun, a different shade of color with anything I looked at really. You created a wall to a world I was unable to enter without the fear of feeling out of place, feeling awkwardness, having to make actual eye contact with people. When I had you on my eyes you I was able to create my own little world in that world because of you. As years went on I wore you less but always had you on me so I was able to quickly flope you down just in case of awkward eye contact. We were goofy as well, wearing you upside down, hanging down from my ears, on the back of my head. Sometimes I feared I lost you and if I did I dont know if I would be okay because you fit so perfectly on my awkwardly shape head, did not get stuck in my hair when wanting to take you off, the otehrs were too tight, too awkward, felt weird but you were perfectly made for me.

Now that you are gone I know what we had and what you gave me, a world of my own. So I thank you and will miss you on my head….