Reality check: social media.

Lately, I have been thinking about how fake social media can be, so I decided to share my thoughts.  I love Instagram I have one for my blog and my photography where I have added my own words of inspiration or other people’s inspiring quotes. I have a private Instagram, which is personal. Each one I keep real and true to who I am; I don’t care how many likes or followers I get in my blogger gram. But that’s because I did not grow up where being popular on social media was important.  
The one thing that drives me insane about social media is how women, who are supposed to be inspiring young girls, seem so unreal when they show themselves. I could talk about celebrities, but they are on a whole different level of reality, so we aren’t going to go there. I am thinking about the bloggers and vloggers that are in social media. And this new thing called instgramer, popular on Instagram. 

For example, fitness has expanded in social media into what seems like an unnatural, unrealistic craze that it is becoming crazy.  A lot of people post and like others’ posts that show mostly women in unrealistic poses. I wonder, have we started to go down this pathway of thinking that we will end up concluding that’s what we are supposed to look like. 

I have young cousins and little ones, that I minded and loved, who I don’t want seeing these popular social media people and to think that is what you’re supposed to be, or to look like, because it’s not. There has always been the discussion about girls and the definition of beauty that has been defined in the public eye through ads, media, and now social media.  And no matter how we try to put it out like fire, it keeps growing. And because the one friend got those shoes, you feel like you have to get those shoes because a friend posted that selfie, you have to post a better one. Because the person has this flat unnatural shape, you have to get that. 

No, that is not real. 

I think the only thing I can do is to stay involved in social media so that my young girl cousins and little one can see that there are woman who don’t change who they are on social media; I will keep up my obsession of photography, continue to be the queen of selfies and post inspiration words. I will continue to stay true to myself so they will know what’s real. 

Plus I love doing it so it’s for myself as well. 

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