Writing: I’m loving it

I have said I am getting my masters in creative writing. But what got me interested in writing? What made me want to write? It’s something I never get asked, people usually only say cool, or what are you going to do with that (STOP SAYING IT THE JOKE IS OLD….). I got some feedback that made me happy because it made me sure that I was doing the right thing that made me wanna write this.


How did I start writing? 
When I was around 10, I had a vivid imagination, I could not sit still, and reading was difficult because I was unable to focus; I wanted to read but just couldn’t. My Dad’s advised, “if you can’t find a good book to read, write your own.” Thus, I began to write; I wrote a story about a neighborhood gang trying to solve a mystery on their street. After that first short story, I just kept writing; I kept writing and trying to write well. I did not know if I could write well, but the writing was something I enjoyed, and I wanted to do, so I just kept creating new stories. I decided that when I went to college, I would study writing. So here I am in graduate school, working towards an MA in creative writing, learning the how to of writing, and where and how to get inspiration, and where to take this degree. I am discovering how to have a career as a writer; I am discovering all the things I can do as a writer, like working for festivals, or working at a journal.

Why am I happy with writing? 

I love writing, and I am still wrapping my head around the idea that I am going to school and I am writing stories.  I’m doing things that are creative and being creative. I feel like I am not studying, and if I am, I’m studying how to become a better writer. It is crazy, and I couldn’t be happier that this is what I am doing; I’m living in a place I feel I belong, and I’m doing something I enjoy. I can’t believe that I am finally doing what I had always imagined, walking around with my book bag and my cup of coffee, although it isn’t coffee in my cup.
Goals with writing.
I want to live and to create the way I know how. I like words, and I like putting words and images together; I guess you could say I love to create visual stories.

Everyone can find what would make themselves happy, to discover what they love.
You just have to go out and get it, if you want it.