Don’t be easily defined

I have an obsession with Pinterest; my interest in Pinterest includes getting ideas for clothes and quotes. I love looking for interesting quotes, but a lot of them say the same thing. For example, they are about being yourself, and not being defined is the greatest thing you can be. (picture below is one of those quotes). 

After high school I finally stopped caring about my flaws, because they made me who I am. But, before then I faced a lot of heartache, frustration, and talks with my mom asking why don’t people understand, why don’t they get it? What can I do? When I really did not need to do anything.

I think growing up is hard because there are so many things coming at you, so many people influencing you and you are trying to impress them. It’s all very confusing and frustrating for anyone who is trying to figure out who they are. The best advice I can give a younger me is to just be you. For me I had to go to a whole different country to figure this out. But, maybe you’ll be lucky and can keep exploring and wandering until you finally come to terms with who you are and are able to say you love it.
I always felt when ever I moved or started meeting new people I would have to once again explain myself; I’d share one of those quotes I find on Facebook so the people I just met would understand who I was. But, this time around I have not had to or needed to explain who I am. I see no point in explaining. I am 23 years old; I am a grown up, even though I don’t act or feel like it sometimes.  More importantly, I know exactly who I am and I don’t need to define who I am to anyone because it doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t matter. We are now around people who should be more understanding; we are not those high school kids we all once were. Now that we are in our mid 20s, it is time to stop pleasing others and to start living.
So to all the ones who are not 20 something, or are 20 something pinning those quotes and wishing people just got it, here it is:
Be yourself.
They are two simple words that don’t need any more definition than what you give them.


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