A afternoon in Blarney

Early mornings and late evenings in the library, it was Sunday, and I needed a break from it all. I already was ahead of everything I wanted to be a head on, so I decided to take a little adventure to Blarney castle. I did not go by myself like I usually would; a friend came along with me as well as we adventured onto the bus into the countryside of the city into the wood and kissed the stone.

Last time I was here was three years ago, I remembered it pretty well but last time I did not kiss the stone the idea of getting dropped was playing in my head.

We first decided to walk into the woods and just talk and get a little lost and adventure up some wishing stairs. Then we decided to adventure up the castle; it was a bit windy spoiler alert my hair had about ten different knots in it. It is quite a squeeze to get through the staircase, but we made it up (forgot to count sorry), and right away are hair went crazy, and it was a fear of we could get blown away.

We headed to the top of the castle to the stone, and two men were sitting there waiting, for people to come. At first we were like no, I  don’t think so, but they convinced us nicely to do it. I went first. The man I was trusting to hold me, he kept saying, “I got you, just keep going.” He was laughing at me because I was me. I was talking and asking questions like: how far down is this, is that it (nope kissed the wrong one), keep going, how far down is it, wow we are far up-that it is it- kiss. And up we go.


After kissing the stone, I realized the view we were getting was honestly one that you would see anywhere in Ireland, but it was always breathtaking to see. Miles and miles of green to a blue horizon (finally a nice sunny day), this is why I liked Ireland because I did not feel trapped, there was an end, and it was in a body of blue that calmed me when I sit in the sand.

Honestly, it was what I needed in a time of stress and overwhelming nearing the end of the semester. To get away from the city and the books and to just feel the fresh air, get a little blown away, and breathe  again.