Style: Perfectly imperfect


I have written muchabout how you should be yourself, speaking to the young girl who is inside the 20 something of all of us. I have decided to make a weekly Friday blog with a themeabout the style of imperfections.

Personally for me I am proud to say that I am perfectly imperfect. I will not deny that I have flaws, but I will not deny how great I am either. Some people may think that is cocky, but cocky is how you say things, confidence is about showing you have strong beliefs in yourself.
Let’s get this out of the way…
The one thing that bothers me about the media is that the media will make it seem like we are perfect but really we are not. I wrote, for one of my classes, a story about a girl’s four different points in life about the things she faces in society and the media. I discussed how a girl can be defined by what is expected in society versus having her define herself. It made me think how sad it is that girls are still being influenced to behave or look according to someone else’s definitions of who a girl should be. It’s sad that girls will photo shop their pictures, use filters to make themselves look skinner than they are.
The style of imperfections….
 ….is not to hide your flaws, or to be anything but yourself. 
… wear what you want, that fits your personality, makes you feel good. … don’t have to dress to meet the standards of others because you are not built that way. 
… do what you please and live your life as you want to live it under no expectation or explanation 
… kind and see others as who they are but not of what they are
….. not to listen to other’s disapproval or judgment on you especially when you have done nothing wrong
….. to be perfectly imperfect and embrace it all.
No Filter.
As we get older, and hit our twenties, we soon realize that we are not influenced by other’s opinions; we figure out what we like, what we don’t like, what we want, what we don’t want, we choose not to listen, and listen when we want. We want our outsides to match are insides and we do that through our on personal style. This post is a little bit different than my other style posts, but being confident, and loving yourself is the most important style you can have.

Perfectly imperfect, that is what I always say.