Galway Christmas Market


This year I was able to visit the Galway Christmas Market, and it was everything I thought it would be and even less.


It wasn’t as big as the advertisements made it seem it would be. I had done my research before I went for my visit, there was supposed to be a train, ice skating, and santa there. Sure, I arrived two hours before it closed but I thought that would not make any difference. The images of the town lit up you made me think the activities still would be happening at night, but there was not much happening and not even a lot of lights either.

But other than my disappointment of not having the activities at night, it had been something I wanted to see and I was glad I did because it has been one of the better christmas markets I’ve been to. There were several food booths; I had a stack burger, which was very good. I also had a  crepe and a pastry that was similar to a mini doughnut. There were a few fun rides and a beer tent. But the things that impressed me were the booths selling christmas items and the lights. There were lights on every street you walked on. The next morning I saw the train but did not have a chance to ride on it. Despite that it was lovely to see.


I like this time of the year; no matter what holiday you are celebrating the atmosphere is lovely with all the lights, and the cold nip in the air. There are many things you can during the holiday season and the Galway Christmas Market is something I think was enjoyable even if it wasn’t all I had expected.