Heading back to MN for the Holiday


I’m going home to visit my Mom and Dad for the Holidays, which during this time of the year is important for a wanderlust child like myself. I get to be around family, take a break from my adventures, sleep in my own bed, get love and affection from people again, and mend the heart that has been slowly breaking from all that has happened since being away.

Even with everything that has happened in the world and in my own little world, I’m happy to be going to my childhood home. Holidays are the one time of the year where you get to just be around family, see pretty lights, and do nothing. I am tired and can’t wait to be doing nothing.

When I say I’m tired doesn’t mean I am beat from school and all the late nights studying. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be; maybe because my last year in undergrad prepared me for grad school. I’m just tired because it can be hard to be on your own adventure. And now I just want to go home to see my sister, bug my dad, and be hugged by my mom. Of course, I’ll have to ignore all the questions I will be getting. That’s the down side about going home; people will be asking you questions because they care about me; but I know I will not want to answer the questions because they make you don’t know the answer and it makes me feel uneasy.

And this is the price I pay for living the life I chose, and no matter how much it can be a struggle, I don’t think I could do any other life, this life is meant for me and I am living it for me. The good comes and the bad rolls on by.

What I am looking forward to being back home home around this time is getting to do things I have been wanting to do like go shopping, bake cookies, watch Gilmore Girls, see my friends, and write some more. But, I know when it does get close to the end of my holiday I will be anxious to come back. It will not have anything to do with my family, because of course it will be sad to leave them again, but I will want to get back home and to the place that feels right for me.

These things never get any easier but what I get out of it is worth everything.