A Direct Flight

Like anytime I fly back home home, jet lag hits me, it has hit me at 4 am. The thing about traveling is that I actually don’t like it; I love adventures, road trips are my favourite thing but flying and having to sit on a plane for more than 3 hours is not my ideal thing- it doesn’t help that I have ADHD and anxiety. But flying is such a process, and of course, there are reasons why it’s a process by my god you just kind of don’t want to deal. You are ‘ugh’ the whole standing in lines, waiting around, dealing with people who have no clue what they are doing, and having to feel even if you are the customer basically you are not right.

My flying trip started at Cork airport way too early to function, and it was busy for a place for that time, probably the first time I saw it so busy. I like cork airport because its simple, the people are friends, understanding and willing to have a conversation with you. I fell asleep on the flight and landed in London, and the fun began of getting through the airport, waiting around, but the best thing about this was it was this was the only layover I had because I had a direct flight and I couldn’t have been more excited!!!

This was the first time I was flying direct from London to Minnesota. When you are flying in a long, all day flight you just wanna get there. The flight was 9 hours and they feed you a lot which was good and there were tons of movies to choose from. I watched mostly movies because movies make these kinds of flights go by fast. The flight was filled with not only an old governor of Minnesota but had tons of Minnesota kids coming back from study abroad- and cultural shock was beginning as we were finding our seats. But once I plugged in I was fine then we landed. Cultural shock is always worst when you come back because it’s something you’re dealing with things you use to be around and use to that you aren’t anymore, basically.

I was so happy to just get off the plane, happy to see my parents and tell them about the events of the day; we had spring rolls and I passed out at 7 pm.

That was my trip and I’m happy to get off that plane because it can get quite annoying.


Side note: I wanna say thank you for taking the time for reading my blogs and everything. Two years ago around this time I posted my first blog post and soon I realized I liked doing it. I know it will never be a real job (at the moment) but it is something I do enjoy.
And last few months I have been told how people really enjoy that post or are enjoy my blog, or even liking when I share it. Which was really unexpected and nice because don’t think the people telling me, would be reading it. 🙂
Because I am the kind of person who doesn’t share these kinds of things, for instance, to share like I have a twitter, or new number, or blog to basically inform people. One of “those things” I don’t really share that often because nothing really comes from it so its bit embarrassing.

But when I share my blog and what I write people show an interest even it is the most random thing so thank you! It means a lot!!



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