On the mind: wanderlust life

I can’t think of a holiday themed post to write about, so I thought I’d do an on the mind kind of post.


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When I started my grad school experience I got to meet a few people who, just like me, have been living in Ireland for awhile and are taking the next step in their career and for themselves. They are looking to stay in the place that fits them, which may not be where they’re from. During our short talks, I realised we all found it hard to explain the “from” vs. “living” but also the idea of it being short-term.

Personally having this kind of life is not easy, but I chose it. What is hard is the idea of it being temporary; you will always have an end date because you honestly don’t know where you will be. It’s scary. It limits you. Yet, it keeps you sane to just live in the moment and go with the waves.

I have many examples but, without getting too personal, this idea comes when asking what’s next, when are you leaving, how long are you staying. There is also the one question that was asked and assumed when I came back in August for my sisters wedding, had I moved back. The questions are asked in all different situations, places, and people. They never mean any harm, but I always have the same thought of frustration that I’m not temporary. Plus, why does my answer to those questions matter?

I try to make it clear, which for anyone who is like me, would know the difficulties, the frustration and the heartache of having to keep hearing the idea, having to realise it and having to say NO because we are actually not the tattoo from the 25 cent machine. Instead, we are the ink on the skin that will stay there forever.

Like that metaphor? I do.

This lifestyle can be hard to explain; it can be hard to form some sort of relationship, keep relationships, develop a career and it sometimes makes you feel like you have to put everything on hold.  But you don’t and others don’t either because life is happening now, timing is a bitch, but living your life the way you want, with whom you want, doing what you enjoy are the most important things you can do. There should never be short-term in anything/one. And for many who are like me that chose this life, we don’t choose anything short-term, we chose to take the chances on the things/people that we see important and are going to leave an impact in the long-term.


I know this post was probably a little deep especially around the holidays, but like I said it was an on the mind kind of post. Plus, it was something I’ve been writing and rewriting since starting my next phase of my adventure that this life style doesn’t come easy there is hard ace thats my main point.