Goodbye 2015

2014 was coming back to self, 2015 was welcoming myself back and figuring it all out, and between the two taking a break. 2016 is a new outlook.
A lot has happened and a lot of lessons have been learned. A lot of things have been tried and failed, some were successful. And there are people of course who have been there supporting me, people who are gone but that is okay, and there are knew who are loving. And life has happened and I’ve learned to accept it.

 And with 2016 I will be celebrating the good and letting the bad roll on by. No regrets, no grudges. I’m tired of having to always be trying; I am getting too old for the same old situations. And I’m done hiding myself because people never seemed to be able to handle my quirks. Now they will have to because I’m not going anywhere. If I do go away it will not be my choice and it’ll probably hurt others more than it’ll hurt me.

For me the New Year was never about starting something new because that usually happened in August, or happened throughout the year. Instead, the New Year is a way of saying goodbye and hello; to remind myself what happened and what could happen.

Starting the New Year right requires a fresh new book. I have a new notebook and it’s going to be filled with new moments, new stories, and new things to write about, because I’m done holding on, I’m done writing the same old, and I’m sick of saying I’m used to it. I’m burning the bridges and falling in love, being happy and being completely me.

Hello 2016!
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Also the pictures all came from Pinterest and are not mine (they say who wrote them on them)

Have a happy new YEAR!



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