Hello 2016!

Welcome to 2016 were you think it is just going to be another year, goals that you won’t reach, places won’t see, but hey you are alive and that is a beautiful thing now the next step is to go for your goals and achieve them. Be determine and in my case thrive in Sisu.

I have many goals this year some personal, some necessary. But what I really want to do is do more, achieve more. Here’s a quick list of goals:

  • Photography
  • Writing
  • have a kick ass in love with my thesis
  • create a visual/word book
  • find something new
  • Get stronger 

 I want to put myself into them as much as I put myself into school. Which is easier because there is a lot more riding on school. So much easier when you have something that if fail there is a result of the failure vs if you fail your own personal goal the only person that would be disappointed is yourself and that should just be good of a reason to make sure you don’t. We are human who like human appreciation so if we didn’t fail others we feel better. However, the dark truth most people only care when you do fail. So you really want to succeed!

Anyways, I am so excited for 2016 and I have no clue why! How fun is that. I know my life is so open-ended, with no substantial things except for what I know. That’s how I always been maybe for many reasons that a therapist could tell me why, but it doesn’t matter because this is the life I know, the life that fits me.

I use to say “no one has shown me any other way or reason to leave this life”. A great line, however, doesn’t think you should ever let what you love, enjoy, how you want to live etc for other people’s satisfaction, love; because that is not fair to you. Instead you should be wanted, love, care, happy for by how you are and not asked to sacrifice anything.

Getting deep in this post, which really isn’t the point it’s more about welcoming 2016 forgetting and going for what you really want. Don’t disappoint yourself disappoint the world instead (with exceptions like I would never want to disappoint my parents). It takes 29 days to form a habit.

2016 I am not sacrificing anything, I’m doing me as I always had, but this time, there is something different I don’t know what it is maybe its No – to give or more confidence. But I’m living it up happy as can be.



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