Welcome back to reality!


Welcome back to reality. You were on hold for a few weeks, no worries, nothing to do, you vegged, watched TV shows and are now addicted to them. But, since you won’t have any time to watch them you might as well hold off to watch them for hours straight as you go back to reality.
And what a welcome back reality it was. I had thought nothing of my first week back at grad school. I was just thinking it would consist of buying groceries, seeing people again, and looking the wrong way when crossing the street. I had an idea of what I needed to do for getting myself back into the swing of reality. But I don’t know how I was so underprepared yet on it at the same time.


My “week” back to graduate school was two days of two classes. Which are going to be super exciting and varied topics like media writing (hello Minor) and workshop writing (hello stories). I think these two classes will be good because maybe it will help me find my happy medium between the two. Since in undergrad they were two different departments.
But that wasn’t the difficult part, my mind was still trying to come back from jet lag, realising where I was and I probably needed time to relax but there was no time to relax.
I had goals for the week I was back like getting e-mails sent out. I spent my time in the library because it is where I can get things done. I wasn’t the only one to think so.
Monday started big with sending out emails and trying to find summer accommodations, because the place I am living now doesn’t house for students anymore. Which when deciding to go to UCC accommodation was the selling point. The downside to Cork and Ireland is that housing is difficult to find and the prices are high. But there is always an upside to a downside of things especially if you are prepared and don’t procrastinate. So I am weighing my options and maybe be an Au Pair for the summer.
Tuesday was a bit more relaxed. I was coming down from the weekend and Monday’s exciting welcome back, that my mind was tired yet it seemed to be running wild. It was almost like I didn’t really know where I was yet my feet were walking in the right direction.



That’s the thing that happens when you are on holiday, on hold from reality. The first week back is spent running around, and feeling stressed over what you should have done and what you need to do. Normal.

Wednesday and Thursday were a bit all over but filling my time up mostly in the morning and evenings laying down hoping I will fall asleep. I am getting back into the swing of things and happy to be back.

Little update sorry its so late to post!