Cultural Shock.

Here I am once again dealing with the jet lag; my body does get messed up from it and feel like I just need to do a night of normal even if I am so tired that will set my clock. Instead of talking to you about jet leg or my time back home for the holiday I am going to talk about Cultural shock.It does exists but it is one of that thing where, for me anyways, hard to wrap my head around.

This round it was more apparent I don’t know maybe it was just the too many people or just having been gone for a long time but it was there and it was loud.

Cultural shock is defined as, according to Google, “personal disorientation a person may feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country, a move between social environments, or just travel to another type of life.”

To me I see cultural shock as something that comes when you come back; you go back to something that felt so natural, something so uses to and suddenly it is not anymore and your mind is like “wait, you know this yet you are unsure how to react.” It’s now about the “new” it’s about the “old” which when I was leaving study abroad back in 2013 they talk to us about what we could possibly feel when we go back- and we felt it felt it for a whole time. But ever time I go back for those little times it’s never as major as back in the day; its small moments either happen in the mall, the streets, or in my own home.

It even can come when you are just sitting around doing nothing because you’re so used to these other options.

 Cultural shock is something that comes and it never really goes away until suddenly everything becomes familiar. And that’s what I would fear how it would become so familiar that what I am used to now would become shocking.

When traveling, you may more likely experience cultural shock when at the new place, but when you are throwing yourself into a place, living somewhere, experiencing the differences with an open mind you will experience this feel and you will learn how to deal with it.

I choose to hide in my house.


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