Top 10 List of things to help you get to loving yourself

First, let me say this for my own sake and for others to not assume, I am completely utterly in love with myself and honestly do not care what others think. But, there was a time that I wasn’t like this and there were moments where I did not feel like this. It’s called being human.
Now, I am not going to say my personal stories or what I had to go through/deal with when I was trying to be accepted, loved, included by others who were not meant to (I say meant because of the typical “you’re my parents you have to). For anyone it is hard, especially with technology (I will keep saying this) to find happiness in one self. You can find it but it can be hard to hold onto it, not because you are sad or depressed (in most cases), it’s just things can happen and the strong feelings of confidence, love for yourself becomes lost in all of your emotions.
There are some days when I could be down and then in a snap say “who cares, I am awesome and I know it” (not exactly those words). But, for anyone who does have those moments, days, weeks, or even months of feeling isolated, hurt, or angry, don’t let it win. Hold onto your confident voice, and scream to muzzle the sound.
In doing that I came up with a list of things to help get that voice screaming:

1   Journal: Writing is my passion; but it has only been the last few years when I started to journal. I use to do it all the time when I was younger. I found the old pages and to be honest I don’t even remember what I wrote “remember this..” But it honestly helps to just write whatever is on your mind. It’s personal, you’re talking to yourself and basically building yourself up because you will find yourself in the end and will say FORGET this, I am fantastic.
2  Be active: Try not to sit around and do nothing because you will only get more lost in your thoughts. Get up and do something, it can be walking, working out, even window shopping.
3  Be artistic: Sometimes I find myself drawing, collaging, or  doing some sort of craft; it focuses my attention on other things.
4  Text that person: Text that one person you know who will wanna talk; try not to discuss what’s been driving you mad or making you feel this way, instead talk about something else. Talk about them.
5  Delete things: Just take away the things that are causing the issue, the things that are not helping you feel any better. Either if it’s deleting an app or just removing it from your home page. Just make it harder to get to.
6  Dress up: Okay, sorry for any boys, but playing dress up ALWAYS make me feel better; from doing my make up to doing my hair, and trying on clothes. Best feeling in the world.
7  Blast that music: Blast that rock, loud, hard music either in your ears or through out your room.
8  Do something by yourself: I find if I can do something on my own my confidence builds. It could be as easy as seeing a movie.
9  Plan an adventure:  I become more excited when I plan an adventure or a trip. It’s that feeling of I could honestly run, do something with my life. 
10 Remind yourself that you are perfectly imperfect and today, this moment is just one of the lows. Build that bridge and burn it down because you are a fantastic person who should walk down the streets with every step having a point.


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