Grad school update: Week 3 down


To say it was busy the first weeks back at school is an understatement. I was running around trying to remember when I had to go to class and when I sat down to do my assignments I couldn’t focus. Since I have difficulties focusing, being busy just heightened all my frustration.
It’s a new semester there is a new schedule for all my new classes. All the new classes are at new times of the day so I needed to find a new spot in the library to study. So now I have new people I pass everyday which adds to my distraction. Plus, I have a new job.
Now it is the third week and everything is set. I am in all my classes, my radio writing class started and I just started my job of minding two preteen boys and a girl who is old enough to ask why, a lot. I wanted to get a job because I don’t have many hours in school and a few classes will be ending at the end of February. I don’t want to be bored or feel like I’m doing nothing. But, I can’t help but wonder if I can handle school and work? Like I is the third week of school  the first two were CRAZY busy and COULD not sit for the life of me. That it has finally hit of sleepiness and just want to get my attention span on it.
I had told myself that I was going to make more effort in things in 2016, and I have by adding a job to my schedule. Plus, I’m making efforts in my social life too. I’m making the effort to hang out with people in my course, and other people I’ve met. I’m trying because even if I don’t know what’s going to happen when I’m done with my program ( DON’T ASK ME because i don’t know and do we really want to build up more worry?) I might-as-well live it up and go all out. Because I can’t go home 😉
And either I will find a way or make a way.


Also it’s been raining a lot; better then snow because i just have to deal with having my feet getting wet.