Standing Stories: officially not in Cork anymore.

All you really need is an open road, car keys and a partner up for an adventure.
We left early afternoon on a possibly could rain Saturday. We found ourselves leaving the main roads off to what we thought could be a really scenic drive or possibly have nothing interesting. We were willing to take a chance for the adventure.
An hour into our trip we had not left Cork County. But once we drove over a bridge across a wide-open glowing blue we were officially not in Cork anymore. We were in Waterford with its roads climbing up into the hills. We looked out in the distance and saw small little places sitting on the edge of the sea. 
It was surprising how the city could so easily isolate you into forgetting how beautiful the countryside was and how it could make you feel. As soon as I saw it I could sense a weight, I did not even know I had, leaving me as you stared out the window at the ocean. 
We left the car and began our walk in the little town that was our destination, Angus. It had been a place that was just found when looking at the map the day before. We did not know what was there except for the cliff walk, which was next to the Cliff Hotel. We did not go in because it looked too fancy and we had muddy shoes. But, if you can imagine standing on the edge looking out at the never-ending horizon, imagine being in your hotel room and looking out at the water at all hours of the day. 
Your life would be filled with a never-ending peace.
With mud all over our shoes and the risk of slipping, we kept walking down the path that to the locals was a nice evening walk with their loved ones. For us it was an escape from all that had built up from the last time we were in the middle of nowhere. It was a place where we could scream without fear of being scorned. There are those places that bring you back to your place of center, even though you did not know you needed to be brought back there. 

So grab a camera, pick a direction – “lets head east” – look up a place and head out with the car keys and nothing else planned. There is no hurry back and be ready to laugh and sing at the top of your lungs, loving life once again.

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