How to organise your life: Top 5 tips

If you have noticed I am an organise freak. I could use the excuse that if I was disorganized and did not keep everything organized I would go insane. I think being organized helps in a positive way with my ADHD; it keeps me focus. I have been asked by many people how do I do it. They say you’re so organized, but I’m not. Maybe it’s my love of post-its and notebooks, or my need to write everything down that makes it look that way. Either way I made some Top 5 tips to how to stay organise!
What you need to keep yourself organised:

1. A planner; sometimes your phone isn’t enough.
2. Post-its
3. Pens that are different colors
4. Highlighter
5. A notebook/another sort of planner
This semester I got a larger planner and this little Agenda book that I decided to use to write “what I need to get done today.” I love different color pens/highlighters. Post-its are my favorite thing to use, not only to remind myself what I need to do, but to also put on my wall.

Top 5 tips to organizing your life:
1  Take a day to prepare. If you are in school or have a job where you have lots of things to do, every Sunday take the time to organize your planner. Write down what is happening each day in the coming week. Write in the times of meetings or classes; record when something is due so you won’t forget. Sunday is the perfect day to do this because it’s the end of the weekend and it’ll get you ready for the week. It can be therapeutic to organize everything.

2  Have a month calendar. I find it handy to have a month calendar either in my planner or on my wall. That way not only will I know which day it is but it helps me keep track of what is going on during the month. Also, you can record things you did like the days you have to work or the days you go to the gym.

3  Make lists. Even though it can seem crazy to make lists, having a list will ease your anxiety or overwhelming feelings. It could be a list of the day’s schedule; or it could be a list of things to do or things to get done. Either make them on a post-it. I have been using my weekly planner so each day I write in what I need to get done that day.

4  Write Goals. I began doing this in the last year to fill up my day. But on my monthly calendar I have goals I want to get done. For example, figure out housing. Each week I write a goal for what I need to done this week (reminder goal).

5. COLORS.  Nothing is more dull then seeing what you have to do in grey. Color things like crazy to make the to-do lists easier to read and highlight what is important. 

Side note: I usually plan everything the night before so I can have an idea of everything I need to do. That way the next day I won’t forget and still feel like I can be flexible. 

 For me personally, being organise keeps my stress of feeling like I have too much going on settle. However, there is this middle ground to be found when having an organise life because you can get way too a head of it. Like, I found that I can not plan too much a head. I can not count meaning I can’t be like okay I have these many weeks and in like three weeks I have this going on then I will be…NO! The panic, the stress, the anxiety of it all. I just need to focus on the day a head, maybe the school week. Yet, if I don’t know like a head of time I will feel a lack of un-prepared. For example, if I didn’t know a assignment was due and could have known two weeks ago there would be this AHHH could have done this two weeks ago! You get what I am saying? Over planning can be too much, and under-planning can be overwhelming at points. Thus, have to find a middle ground.

We all work different ways; and with someone with an active mind, that might not be able to focus needs focus in her life this is what works. Maybe try it, adapt you into it, what works for you etc. 


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