Memory lane: throw it back to RAG week 2013

It is my first rag week at UCC and all that is happening reminds me of UL’s rag week in 2013. How different it was, how much fun it was, and let’s face it how different I am. Plus, back then I was there to experience study abroad, have fun, and I did not have to put my all into my courses. Also, I was young, only turning 21 and had had no real experience that I now have. YEAH, I’m getting older.

2013 was FUN, we went to all the events, the paint party, we went to stables. We did what we were supposed to do. We even went to our classes and to the library. That time was full of experiences with great friends who, if the term squad was around, would be a squad. 

Now, in 2016 at UCC; I’m in grad school and here for my education, I have had many experiences that I learned from (hopefully) and I began to wonder if I should join in. I mean, I don’t have my squad. And right now I’m staring out at the quad with all the students and all I can think is how can I brave this given what I know. I can’t help but feel I am too old for that sh*&. I mean I’m in grad school, I can’t party like I use to. Plus, the anxiety I have being around tons of people; it wouldn’t be debilitating, but I know I’d have an overwhelming feeling that I’d be out of place. I’d be very nervous and want to hide like hiding in a corner. 

Events like this make me wonder if I’m missing out while at UCC. But to be fair, these kids are in a whole different place then I am. I was them in 2013.  Sadly to say, but you have to grow up some time (DAMN PETER PAN WHY DIDN’T YOU COME TO MY WINDOW). 

So as I look at all these people on campus (who knew campus could get this full), the music that is so loud I can hear it in the library, memories about 2013 RAG week are all flashing through my mind, the laughs, the inside jokes, the paint, the next morning’s walk to 44, and my squad. I love all of them; they mean so much to me, and they did so much for me. I kind of want to join in 2016 RAG week but then I walk through the crowd of people and I’m like NO!

Here’s a pictures from 2013:


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