What I have learned in 24 years…..

I’ve decided to make a list of things I have learned thus far. My birthday is around the corner so I figured I’m getting old I have some life lessions I could pass on, so why not!

Blonds do have more fun
Never wear white pants
Don’t explain yourself
make time for yourself
Always leave never wait
Do travel
and travel with an open mind
Social media isn’t real life
Real conversation is wonderful
Care for the ones that care back
Always bring a rain jacket even if it doesn’t look like rain
Carry snacks in your bag
Keep your expectations/hopes low that way never be disappointed (still will be though cause you HOPED didn’t you?)
Boys are weird
Girls are friendly in the bathroom
Don’t react if it hasn’t really effected you physically and you are still standing
Be your own boss
Make those mistakes
You will get over your first love
you will have second and third loves
And you will have loves that could have been
you will always have things you don’t even think twice about
Have confidence in yourself even if others don’t
Don’t let others in your box if they don’t let you in theirs
Write it down don’t post it
Love your privacy
people will think you will be around forever, don’t be.
Have a squad not a crew
Ranting is always good
Work out not for the sake of that perfect body
Eat before and after you drink
Mind yourself
Think before doing
Pants are overrated
Dance in your underwear every day
Regrets won’t be made lessens will be learned
Say no
Say no again
Tell them to BEEP off
Show off your talents and flaws
if you wear 6inch heels you will have to deal with the pain
Skype should be a thing but its not a thing.
And always be you.

There’s probably more but that’s all I got in the last 24 years of my life and if I do say so myself I am proud I’ve learned all these things! And now being a year a way from half way to 30 (OMG I THINK I WILL HIT MY MIDLIFE CRISES IF MY DAD TELLS ME THIS!) that I really don’t know what 24 will bring but I plan on not taking anything I took the last year. I know what those things are. I just feel in this time of age and everything that I want a life filled with nothing but love, happiness and choices. I don’t want anything negative in my life, nothing discriminating, nothing hatful, nothing pointless, and no beeping questions!

24 is all about living my life with no answers and no explanation.