Three years later back to Dingle

I remember the first time I went to Dingle, it was in March, dad smashed the mirror of the car, we ate at this little cafe; we drank in a pub that was dead with the large open room like this was some old garage or something. But, I loved Dingle, not the town, nothing wrong with the town, I more liked what you can see in Dingle. Not the dolphin.

Early morning my course mate and I took the trail to Rosemarie where we met our other classmate and drove to Dingle. It was a lovely drive there and fast; we talked, we listen to music it was a perfect  Monday off and start to a week of adult fails and positives.

We got to Dingle walked around it a bit, but for most of a lot of towns in Ireland, there isn’t much to see except for the buildings and what they had. So after a little lunch, we went for the road trip to no destination and let’s go down this road and see where it takes us.  IT was successful,

We got to get some natural Irish ice cream, and even took the most dangerous road could make if you never drove on the left before (thankfully she does), I spoke to some sheep and talked about how I want to get a sheep to take home. We stopped at a beach where we pet some fuzzy horses; then headed back to her place for some pizza and sweet potato wedges. I had some tea because I drink tea now.

We got the last train and headed back to Cork. It was a simple, easy trip, 12 hours worth of fun, beautiful views, pub food and a treat. And the camera’s filled with some amazing pictures. Have to agree, day trips are the best thing. So take one!

Some pictures….