Amsterdam: pros and cons

“I want to go to Amsterdam,” that is what I said when to ask what I want to do for my birthday. I wanted to go to Amsterdam. Why? For it was a place I never been. It was where one of my favourite books and authors lived, people keep telling me to go to Amsterdam. All I would count that I been there since I was in their airport and used their bathroom. That counts. So I wanted to see it for myself.

When traveling, I am not one to do 20-something college common thing, drink, do drinking things and go out all night. For one, it’s a place I never been and don’t really know what the night life is like I would rather just sit in a pub and go to bed early because I don’t want to waste my time sleeping and hung over to a place I never saw. Could do that at home. I don’t really like tourist things unless it is on my list to see, I hate crowds and I get very uneasy around to many people so I try to find things no one actually goes to or see.


At the end of my trip there, I had this list of pros of cons of Amsterdam:


Pro: easy to get around
Con: it smelled like Pot everywhere
Pro: people willing to help you
Con: bikers rule the road and get mad at you for walking first
Pro: good variety of food
Con: that people assume you are there to see the red light distract and smoke
Pro: Ann Frank House (blog about that later)
Con: packed city centre (s)
Con: canal tours were pointless (maybe the one we went on)
Pro: Photo op.
Pro: art
Pro: history but not as much as I thought there should have been
I was happy I got to go because I got to see Amsterdam. I’m so thankful for my mom and what she does for me. So she deserved this holiday too. And it was good for us to travel together. I would go again, maybe with girlfriends and it would be a totally different experience.
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