Don’t compare, just do you.


It is hard not to compare yourself to other people. I mean we see what everyone is doing and how other respond all over social media. We are human we can’t help it. I do it too especially when it comes to school.

I work differently…

When I was in high school how kids would be like I got an A I got an B but they didn’t study and in undergrad it would bother me so much when people would post about how they got a 4.0 and still partied hard. While I spent nights studying pulling my hair out of my head, working my butt off yet I still wasn’t doing as good as they where- but it was my best.

It can be easy to compare yourself and get frustrated with it all since you hare doing your best but it doesn’t seem to be good enough. In any situation, schools just my personal example.

The one thing to remember is we all work differently. Last minute and the stress works for people but for me I need to be a head of the game. If I don’t I will fall behind, I wouldn’t be my best. I have my struggles that need to be met with time management and getting a head of the game. So even though I have the whole thing written two weeks in advance, those two weeks doesn’t mean I’m done. No still going to the library working out it, looking for mistakes, clarity, perfecting it.

And when people ask me about where I am or what I got, I get awkward. I don’t like to talk about them, because I know how it feels to feel behind and fall behind. That I don’t want to put that on someone else. So what do I do I explain myself (something I have to stop doing).

What’s the point of this? Well the title sums it up. We work differently. We are human-we won’t stop comparing ourselves, wanting to feel better that we are doing it right- but in minutes after comparing myself I remember I am not them and they are not me!


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