Style: surviving those crazy days


When you are in your mid-twenties, going to grad school or you have a big girl job there may be some days that not only are you: tired, can’t function, and are stressed. Where all you want to wear is pajamas. But you’re in public so you can’t. For me, I’m in grad school, final assignments are due so I need to wake up and go spend hours in the library trying to get things done. But, since I’m no longer a kid wearing PJS (something I never did), yoga pants, or even a onesie (that I did) to campus just doesn’t seem right. UCC is a bit stylish to be fair; I have noticed that my friends really do put an effort to look sophisticated or pull off that whole glam look. So going to campus looking like a hot mess just doesn’t seem right. Because you want to look professional.
How can you?  I came up with tips for you to not only look put together when you really aren’t, and also suggestions on how to handle looking good, feeling good on those crazy days when you don’t need the added stress.



Let’s get ready…


What do you wear? For those days in the classroom, its easy to look casual, put together and still feel good. But those crazy days is when you can easily struggle.
If you are someone like me you could easily change twice in one day (maybe even three times). I’ve gotten better. I am also someone who has to pick out her outfit in the morning. If it’s an special event then I know what I am going to wear. Otherwise, how I feel in the morning determines what I am going to wear. Ask yourself how am I feeling- are you feeling jeans or leggings, or is a day when you could wear a skirt and tights? But, if you’re stressed loose clothing and not so many layers are best for those crazy days.
I love my crop tops and they’re usually quite loose especially the casual ones from Topshop. But I also have my favorite top from Gap that is lose fitting. I think once you find the comfort in what you are wearing you can move on to looking successful and an adult. If I’m just going to class, jeans and a nice top. Library, leggings and a jean jacket or a leather jacket for when walking around no one can tell you are wearing clothes from the laundry bascet. BUT when you have those work days, events its better to find items that are not only soft fabric but good fabric. Get that skirt out, get those not see through leggings, or even leather/fabric leggings, black jeans.
How to look put together? I remember in college how some days I would be so dressed up and other days I’d be wearing such laid back clothes. I think the key to looking put together, to pull off the I’m an adult look are your accessories. The jackets, shoes, and jewelry you add. Those things will determine your look. You can even wear a sweatshirt. I have a black long zippered sweatshirt that can be casual but if I wear it with a pencil skirt, a nice shirt, some boots and necklace it no longer looks so casual. It’s more business casual.

 << Adulting: Jacket/shoes/necklace: top shop // Top/skirt: Forever 21 Tights: Pennys

 <<< casual adulting Jean Jacket: target

What you DON’t do. if I change and wear my Ugg boots it’s a whole different messy look. So on those days you are stressed wear the comfy clothes with things that will make you look put together. Not the Ugg boots. I think the key to looking put together is not only not wearing super lay back clothes, but finding the right pieces that are just simple enough.

Hair, Make up? This really depends on you, the day, and how much time you have. I am someone who, when I have the time, will do something with my hair, but other days it’s in a bun or in a pony tail and messy. But, make up has become the thing that if I do a little bit more than just slap on some foundation I will feel good about myself. So even though I may be stressed I will take the time to put on lip stick to help me feel better. I do have days wear I do not wear any make up at all. It all depends on you, make up for me is a personal thing that I do.


How to handle those days….




To handle those crazy days where you want to not look like your actually a mess on the inside. The key is to fake it until you make it. For those stressful days when you have to get somewhere and time is something you can’t waste just hop out of bed, get up and go. Don’t sit around, just keep moving, pick out your clothes, put yourself together, and go be a girl boss and have a successful  day.
For me, I’ve been trying to balance not only being comfterable for the long hours in the library but looking like an adult, and trying to be taken seriously. Like I really don’t want to have a backpack, since i think little kids but when you have work before an event you might have to just bit it in the butt.
Those are my tips and suggestions on how to survive those crazy days and still look like your a professional adult (even though you really aren’t).